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This is the very best vet I have ever found! I have moved around a lot in the last 15 years and have had many vets and only a few critters… The amount of care and time given to us and our critters when we visit South Point Pet Hospital is astounding! This is a vet that offers very personal care that is far above and beyond any other vet that I have ever visited. I cannot thank Dr Hartge and Dr Dobies, and all of their staff, enough for all of the help with our animals in the last 2 and a half years! We have been through a lot in the last few years with our animals and I don’t know what we would do if not for South Point Pet Hospital!!!

Phil Doolan

We live it here! All our pets come! 2 dogs and 2 cats! We have been with Dr. Dobies for 10 years and now we see Dr. Sarah Hartge who we also love!

Kathy Jendrasik Savitsky

Love for all animals…compassion for very sick ones…and a sense of humor for um, challenging new patients are all the wonderful attributes you want in the people taking care of your fur babies. And absolutely everyone at South Point qualifies. And they are delightful to humans as well!! God bless them!!

Susan Murphy

Love Dr. Kerns. She was amazing when my little Biscuit was injured. She showed so much compassion and helped comfort my children. Dr. Kerns made me feel like Biscuit was just as important to her as he is to me.

Kristen Sanger Lefler

This is a genuine group of caretakers! Dr. D and the staff are super attentive. Their extended hours are very accommodating for busy schedules. You can always expect fair treatment and accurate diagnoses. Jerri is amazing!

Peggy-Jim Poindexter

Our cats get lots of love at South Point Pet Hospital. They are so lucky to get to see Dr. Kerns!!! We wouldn’t want to take them anywhere else, and it is conveniently located in downtown Belmont!

Tammy F Wilson

Excellent care, compassionate staff, and never any doubt that our “kids” are in good hands.

CarieAnn Sláinte

They truly care for our dog – who loves to go in anytime we walk by because she loves the staff that much too!

Samantha Stahl

I have a temperamental 19-year-old kitty, but Dr. Kerns and her technicians were very patient with her and treated her with respect. Me and Mimi will be back! Thank you for caring for my best friend.

Sarah Elizabeth

Can’t thank Dr. Sarah and the staff enough for taking care of our little Asia in her last days…they were amazing!

Misty Pendleton Seigler

Dr. Hartge was WONDERFUL with my 6year old Chihuahua, Izzy. She took extra special care of her with her heart murmur while cleaning her teeth. Izzy is home now and SWEET as ever! Thank you, Dr. Hartge!

Ann Adams Scott

I love Dr. Dobies and all of his staff. I highly recommend this facility to everyone I know. I would never consider taking Bella anywhere else. They truly care and go out of their way. Love them!

Terri Bentley Hedrick

Just wanted to tell you what an awesome veterinarian we have. Dr. Dobies and staff removed a very large kidney stone from our Bently on Monday. He is doing great today. There has to be special place in Heaven for veterinarians and staff too. Thanks again for taking such good care of our babies for all these years.

Sheila Dugan Clark

Best vet in Gaston County hands down! Thanks for taking such good care of Sully.

Jessica Falls

It’s hard to find real care for your family members. I found a love and home here. I trust their judgment over any other. I’m glad this place was on my path in life.

Zenneth N Halls Krugman

Friendly staff! Went out of they’re way!

Kevin D. Buller

Dr. Dobies started treating my furry “SON” Reggie 6 ½ years ago with his many health issues. In February of this year, a new health issue (brain tumor) cropped up out the middle of nowhere. Dr. Dobies diligently started Reggie on an anti-convulsive medication which helped for a few months. Then on July 15, 2011, I had to put Reggie down because the night before Reggie had three very intense seizures and Dr. Dobies said that he did not have anything else in his bag of tricks that could help Reggie this time. The tumor had progressed too far and too rapidly.

On that very sorrowful morning, Dr. Dobies and his Staff helped me walk Reggie “HOME.” They were very respectful and compassionate towards Reggie and me. They gave me such peace in knowing that my decision was the best thing for Reggie.

I would like to thank Dr. Dobies and his entire staff for all the CARE, LOVE, COMPASSION, FRIENDSHIP and CARE that they have given to Reggie and me over these 6 ½ years. I love you all, and you will never be forgotten. I’m sure Reggie is smiling down on us all from the Rainbow Bridge in Heaven.

With Love and Thanks

Edith Berniard